Call a Yellow Taxi in Miami, South Florida

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Sometimes, getting a cab can feel like a complete hassle. With the rising prominence of cab hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft, it can be almost entirely useless to actually expect to find a yellow cab in many cities that don’t already have pre-designated areas. Hearing about the ways in which these cab-related apps treat their workers and disrupt local economies only makes them less appealing, meaning that taking a traditional, yellow cab is always the right way to go to ensure that you’re getting in the car of a trained professional who is driving a well-reputed car.

Visitors and residents to South Florida will notice that there is a distinctly difficult cab culture to get into, but thankfully there are many dedicated ways to get cabs in the city of Miami. No matter where you are in the city, you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable cab that will take you to exactly where you need to go efficiently and safely.

Some of the best and easiest places to find cabs are the pre-designated sections often found at many travel hubs. This means that you can find cabs at airports or train stations quite easily, as you’ll notice many places have areas of the parking lot that double as cab hailing sections, giving you the opportunity to find a cab just waiting there or hail one with your hand.

These areas are most common at airports, but it’s important to also understand how to find a reliable cab at these areas. Often at the Miami airport, people will approach you asking if you need a ride from a cab, but these are typically people not providing authentic, professional cabs. It’s best to instead avoid these people and continue walking to either the cab loading and unloading area or to just go to an airport employee who will be able to help you with finding a yellow cab. Most of the time, airports have specifically designated areas and programs to hail taxis, so you’ll be able to find it in no time.

However, in places that don’t have designated cab hailing areas, how are you supposed to know where to get a good cab? And, at that, how do you recognize a professional, Licensed Miami Cab?

It’s important to know how to find a licensed cab, as any ones that are not operating under these premises are not only illegal, but can be a safety risk if you don’t know who is running them. Oftentimes illegal cabs will take you on extended routes and perhaps even put your life in safety, making it incredibly important to know that the cab you’re taking will give you security and experience throughout.

Here are some tips to recognize an authentic, licensed taxi:

• The cab driver must have a registration and license for being able to run a cab. These should be displayed upon the dashboard or be presented upon questioning. If the driver won’t show you these for some reason or does not display them proudly inside the vehicle, this is a reason for you to avoid taking that cab. There also should be a name, photo, and number of the cab driver displayed openly in the car, meaning that if you don’t see one, this is cause for suspicion.
• Each licensed cab in Miami will own a SunPass. Though cab customers are expected to pay the tolls that they pass through while on their trip, the cab driver will have a SunPass in it, so you can tell if the cab is legitimate through this indicator. If you can’t see one, be sure to ask the driver before getting in the car.
• If you’re paying with cash, you should expect to receive a discount of $2.70. If you’re not receiving this discount, it’s likely not a licensed Miami cab.
• Some cabs will have a flat rate and some will have a meter-based price, but the cab driver will be transparent about this at the start of your trip. If you don’t see this or the cab driver is not clear, you should be suspicious of the circumstance.
Other areas besides the airport or train stations that will have cabs are beach areas. In particular, Miami Beach will have many other cab hailing areas that you can use to get a reliable cab easily. Another great area to find cab hailing areas are malls, as they usually have cab areas towards the end of the mall and parking lot areas.

If you’re stuck in an area that also doesn’t have a cab stand or hailing area of any kind, you can also easily walk into a hotel or motel and ask the concierge or front desk how to hail a cab. Many will be able to suggest services that you can utilize to find a cab.

Yellow Taxi Rates Miami

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?
Taxi services in Miami typically have standardized rates. Some fares (such as going to the airport) may be flat rate, but most of the cabs will likely be based upon meter payment. Depending on the taxi service that you use, flat rates will also be calculated if you are going to a specific region, such as South Beach and the downtown area.

As it stands, Miami taxis are typically calculated at $2.95 for the first 1/6th of a mile. After this, you’re charged 85cents for each mile you go afterward. If you keep the cab waiting, you can be expected to pay about 40cents for each minute and an extra $2 fee if you get a cab leaving from the airport.

Call a Taxi Company for the Most Reliable Cabs

The absolute best way to hail a cab in Miami is to call one of the taxicab services. This is because the best taxicab services will give you a reliable, licensed cab driver that can go to any location you need to go to for just the right price.

In this category, calling Yellow Taxi Miami at (786) 490-7855 will help you get a cab easily and efficiently. They’re one of the best taxi services in Miami that is not only known for being the most reliable 24/7 service in Miami that are also known for having a secure service that will also provide you with safety along the way. They also have some of the most affordable rates you’ll find in Miami, so taking the time to call them ensures you’re getting the best rate.

Another benefit of using Yellow Taxi Miami is that each of their cab drivers is held to a rigorous test before being able to pick up passengers, proving to be one of the most intense and rigorous licensing requirements. This is upheld after the initial training through personal investigations that are held to each driver through inspection and customer reviews to make sure that the drivers maintain a consistent record of reliability, safety, and accommodation.

On top of this, all of their yellow taxis are insured and have all of the permits necessary to run safely in Miami. When finding a cab in Miami, it’s important to know that not only are you in the hands of the most safe cab drivers in the city, but also that you can do so any time of day. Call Yellow Taxi Miami today!

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