What Are Average Cab Fares in Miami?

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It doesn’t matter whether you live in Miami, Fl or if you’re just visiting for a holiday, transport is an important thing to budget for. Knowing the average price of cab fares in Miami can help you plan your budget based on your transport needs.

Average Cab Fares in Miami

Miami taxis offer a very affordable way to get around the city. At Yellow Taxi Miami, we aim to offer you competitive rates on all our taxi services. Are rates are as follows:

  • $2.95 for the first 1/6 of a mile
  • $0.85 for each additional mile until 1 mile
  • $0.40 for each 1/6 of a mile after that

This means that you can expect to pay a minimum of $2.95 for your cab fare in Miami. Your first mile will cost $7.20, while each additional mile after that will cost you only $2.40!

These rates are in line with the industry standards in Miami, and you can expect to pay a similar rate for any taxi service.

We offer our premium taxi service on a 24 hour basis, allowing you to catch a taxi at any time you need to. Our rates stay the same regardless of whether you’re catching a taxi at 1 PM in the afternoon or 1 AM in the morning. Yellow Taxi Miami is always here for you!

There are some exceptions to the cab fare costs as listed above. One exception in airport transport. Catching a taxi from the airport is a service that’s often available at a flat rate, regardless of how far your destination is you can expect to pay only $36 or so for transport!

Taxi Cab Fares vs Public Transport

Public transport is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to get around in Miami for both residents and visitors. However, there are some drawbacks to taking public transport.

Firstly, you’ll always need to catch your bus or train. If you’re already late for work, or you have an emergency situation, waiting for the next bus or train simply isn’t an option. Worse yet, you may stand an wait for a bus, only to find that it’s too full, meaning you’ll have to wait even longer for another bus.

There’s a good stop the nearest train or bus stop won’t drop you off at your exact destination either. This means you’ll need to spend a large amount of time walking, both when catching a bus and after getting dropped off.

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of using public transport, however, is having a lot of baggage. In most cases, you are allowed to carry this baggage onto your bus or train. However, if you have more baggage than you can carry, walking with your baggage to your final destination from the drop off point isn’t an option.

This makes a taxi service a far more attractive option for if you’re travelling to and from the airport, or if you want to go do your monthly grocery shopping.

Taxi companies also have insurance to provide for you in the case of an accident, which is another benefit of taking a taxi instead of the bus.

Another benefit of taking a taxi is that you won’t need to pay per person. So taking a taxi is a great way for families to get around.

Cab Fares in Miami for Visitors

Cab fares in Miami are the same for permanent residents as for visitors and holiday goers. However, there are some differences in the services holiday goers are interested, versus what permanent residents will need.

If you’re coming to Miami as a holiday goer, there’s a good chance you’ll be interested in transport from the airport to your accommodation. Many tourists take a special airport shuttle from this, but it’s overpriced and it offers no benefit over taking a taxi. Many taxi companies, such as Yellow Taxi Miami, can help you get to your intended destination for cheaper. Ask us about a flat rate for transportation from the airport and see how you can save money.

Cut Back on Your Travel Budget

Your travel budget will depend on your personal needs. If you’re visiting Miami for business, chances are you won’t be travelling much during the day, as you’ll spend this time working.

However, keep in mind that you may still want to go sightseeing in the evening and over weekends. Find out about the best taxi fare prices to and from the beach, as the beach is a popular place for Miami tourists to visit. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to pay taxi fares to get to your business appointments, visit restaurants and go to popular shopping destinations.

When visiting Miami for business, there’s a good chance you’ll need to travel in peak hour traffic. If this is the case, be sure to always make use of a taxi service instead of booking a ride on a smartphone app. Rideshare providers often increase their rates based on supply and demand, meaning you’ll pay more for getting a ride with your phone than if you were to use a taxi in peak hour.

Seeing as you’ll mainly have weekends available to go to the beach, the same supply and demand issue may increase the cost of your transport for visiting the beach. Once again, using a Miami taxi service will save you money.

If you’re coming to Miami as a holiday goer, you’ll have the same needs as someone visiting for business. Using a taxi service can still help you save money when travelling during peak hours.

Saving on Transport for Permanent Residents

If you’re a permanent resident in Miami, there’s a good chance you use a taxi to travel to work and back every day. If you’ve been using a rideshare provider for your daily commute needs, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying. As mentioned, rideshare providers increase their rates based on the supply and demand. In peak hour times, there’s a lot more demand than supply, so the transport costs can skyrocket during these times.

Taxi services offer the same rate regardless of the time of day, meaning you can save on your daily transport costs by opting for a yellow taxi rather than a rideshare provider.

In your leisure time, it’s also always worth comparing the costs between using a rideshare provider and cab fare. Cab fare rates in Miami are predictable, so by looking on your app, you’ll easily be able to know what option is cheaper.

Benefits of Taking a Taxi

There are many benefits to taking a taxi as your chosen means of transport. Not only are cab fares in Miami often cheaper than other options, there are also additional benefits such as:

  • Professional drivers: Taxi companies take a lot of time to screen drivers. Only the best drivers are accepted
  • Insurance coverage: There are different kinds of transport available in Miami, but alternatives like public transport might not cover you in case anything unexpected happens
  • Reliable: Taxis have been a popular form of transport for many decades now. You can rely on a yellow cab to get you exactly where you need to go in time
  • Exceptional service: Taxi services take customer satisfaction seriously. Your business means the world to them. If you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive, the taxi service company will welcome your feedback

All these benefits add up to make taxi services and affordable, convenient and reliable means of transportation. Considering the benefits, it’s no wonder that taxi services are still so popular in Miami.

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